Why Is My Spotify $10 Now?

Why did Spotify charge me more?

Re: Suddenly charged full price You’re welcome.

Spotify has this policy because you have to verify that you are still a student.

It would be bad if they let people continue to get the discount if they are no longer students..

Did Spotify go up in price?

Spotify’s premium family plan now costs $15 a month — with the increase, that plan would cost about $17 a month. … And in emerging markets, where consumers likely have less willingness and ability to pay, Spotify has launched cheaper options.

How do you get a discount on Spotify?

1. Sign up and download a VPN client.Sign up and download a VPN client.Turn on the VPN and connect to a server in countries with cheaper Spotify Premium subscription. … Open the browser and search for Spotify. … Click Premium to access the available plans. … Sign up, and you’ll enjoy Spotify Premium at a discounted rate.

Can you get a Spotify refund?

Re: How to ask for refund Here is the official Spotify refunds policy: If you’ve never used your Premium subscription, or have bought but not redeemed an online Spotify gift card, you can get a full refund within 14 days of purchase. Just contact us.

Why did Spotify charge me $16?

The reason why you were charged more could be because: The Student discount has expired and hasn’t been renewed so it reverted to the previous subscription plan you were on. Then, you should renew the discount. Someone has gained access to your account and has changed the plan.

Why does Spotify charge me for free?

Check the payment status on your bank statement. If the payment isn’t pending or processing, it means you’re ineligible for the trial, or your trial ended. … You’re not eligible for free trials if you’ve already had Premium.