Who Is Leaving WWE In 2020?

Is Alexa Bliss still in WWE?

Alexis Kaufman (born August 9, 1991) is an American professional wrestler signed to WWE, where she performs on the SmackDown brand under the ring name Alexa Bliss.

In May 2013, Bliss signed a contract with WWE and was assigned to their Performance Center and developmental brand NXT….Alexa BlissDebutSeptember 20, 201310 more rows.

What happened to Rusev and Lana?

If you have been following WWE in the past year, you’d know that Lana and Rusev are no longer happy in their marriage (in storyline, of course). Lana turned heel and betrayed Rusev, distracting him in his Universal Title Match against Seth Rollins.

Who is leaving WWE for AEW?

So far, the only notable names who have left WWE for AEW are Jon Moxley, Brodie Lee, Shawn Spears, Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler, who used to be known in WWE as Dean Ambrose, Luke Harper, Tye Dillinger, Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder respectively. Matt Hardy joined them under the same name in March 18.

Is Roman Reigns leaving WWE for AEW?

“Roman Reigns is not going to AEW, not happening. … AEW is definitely causing a lot of problems internally and externally to the WWE. There were rumors that the company was in negotiations with Edge and Randy Orton but those died down after WWE offered both legends bumper contracts.

Is Rusev leaving WWE?

‘ Rusev is among the list of performers released by WWE because of cutbacks stemming from the coronavirus pandemic.

Are Rusev and Lana still together 2020?

The Bulgarian Brute and Ravishing Russian might have split up on television, but they are still married in real life. There was no real divorce or restraining order. The two are simply playing parts given to them.

Who is Bobby Lashley wife?

Kristal Melisa Marshall (born November 11, 1983) is an American model, beauty queen and retired professional wrestler who is best known for her time in World Wrestling Entertainment on its SmackDown brand and in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) as Kristal Lashley.

Why did Roman Reigns quit WWE?

Born Joe Anoa’i, Reigns was diagnosed with leukemia at age 22. Now 34, Reigns stepped away from wrestling in October 2018 because the disease had returned. … Leukemia survivors can possibly be immunocompromised, leaving someone like Reigns at a higher risk during the coronavirus outbreak.

Who is Bobby Lashley real girlfriend?

Kristal MarshallBobby Lashley & girlfriend Kristal Marshall.

Who left WWE in 2020?

Vince McMahon reportedly held a call with company personnel on Wednesday, outlining details about plans to furlough some employees. Some superstars were part of the cuts. WWE unveiled a list of superstars released Wednesday. Kurt Angle, Rusev, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were the biggest names let go.

Are Lana and Rusev married?

Rusev and Lana got married on July 29, 2019, and they are regarded as one of the most celebrated couples in WWE. However, after the Bobby Lashley segment, a number of fans might disagree, but that does not change their relationship, according to Rusev.

Is Lana still married to Bobby Lashley?

Lana and Rusev are ultimately still married — this wedding was just part of “the storyline.” While Lana and Lashley have milked their on-screen love affair all season, this wedding might be the end of the WWE superstars’ novela.

Why did Roman Reigns leave 2020?

Goldberg. Roman Reigns confirmed he removed himself from his WrestleMania 36 match against Bill Goldberg. … WWE was forced to move WrestleMania 36 from Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, to its Performance Center in Orlando because of the pandemic.

Is Rusev and Lana?

Rusev’s real life wife, Lana, who still works for WWE, recently revealed both her parents had contracted coronavirus. Rusev, real name Miroslav Barnyashev, has been a free agent since being released by WWE in April as part of a mass exodus of superstars and backstage staff due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Was Lana fired from WWE?

WWE then teased an alliance between Lana and Natalya. Their backstage segment had started to gain interest from fans, but Lana had to step away from the action as both her parents and Rusev tested positive for Covid-19.