Where Is Lady Red Jade Tab?

Where is the cheerleader in tabs?

The cheerleader needs to be found before it becomes available in Sandbox and Campaign.

Go to Tribal 1 and look for a tree stump with a Pom-Pom on top of it on the north edge of the map, to the left of the red-blue dividing line.

Look at the pom-pom until it starts glowing..

How many secret units are there in tabs 2020?


How do you get the Shogun tab?

The player should go to the Dynasty map and go to the side across from the statues, behind the pagoda. On the cliffside of the map, a shogun’s katana stuck in a tree can be seen. You have to look at the sword before it starts glowing and eventually bursts. When the sword bursts, the player will unlock the Shogun.

How many secret units are in tabs?

27 SECRET UNITSALL 27 SECRET UNITS LOCATIONS – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator TABS.

Where is the mace spinner in tabs?

The Mace Spinner must be found before it is available for Sandbox and the Campaign. Go to Medieval 2 and look inside the tall tower to the right, near the castle. On the floor of one of the towers is a pair of maces. Look at the maces until they start glowing.

Where do you find the raptor in tabs?

On the Tribal Sandbox Map, you will find a raptor skull near a campfire on a shrine of sorts, on the bottom, the right side of the map.

Where is the bomb cannon in tabs?

How to unlock. On the pirate map, look for the mountain at the far end of the map. Then look behind it, at the right side of the map (now your left if you look from behind the mountain), you will see a stone platform with a cannon and some unarmed bombs, with a cutlass on it.

Where can I find Lady Red Jade?

Go to Dynasty (Map), go to the biggest building on the map, and look under the middle eave right at the very back of the bottom eave and the Guandao will be there.

Where is the tree giant in tabs?

The Tree Giant has to be found before it can be used in Sandbox and the campaign. Go to Medieval 1 and look around on the edge of the left side of the map for a lone tree, smaller than the trees that make up the rest of the forest. Look at the tree until it starts glowing.

Where are the clams in tabs?

CLAMS is found in the Pirate Map. It is found in an underwater cave on the left side of the map. Look at the clam with its head in it.