What Does Reasonableness Mean?

What is another word for unreasonable?

Having or showing little sense, judgment, or sobriety; foolish, stupid, absurd, ludicrous, irrational, etc.

Inconsiderate, inattentive..

What does objective reasonableness mean?

The Supreme Court ruled that police use of force must be “objectively reasonable”—that an officer’s actions were reasonable in light of the facts and circumstances confronting him, without regard to his underlying intent or motivation.

What is a reasonable period of time?

Reasonable time is that amount of time which is fairly necessary, conveniently, to do whatever is required to be done, as soon as circumstances permit. This phrase is a U.S. legal term that has been a topic of controversy for many years.

Is reasonableness an objective standard?

An objective standard of reasonableness requires the finder of fact to view the circumstances from the standpoint of a hypothetical reasonable person, absent the unique particular physical and psychological characteristics of the defendant.

What does reasonableness mean in law?

Reasonable. Suitable; just; proper; ordinary; fair; usual. … In the law of Negligence, the reasonable person standard is the standard of care that a reasonably prudent person would observe under a given set of circumstances. An individual who subscribes to such standards can avoid liability for negligence.

What is the reasonableness test?

September 20, 2018. A reasonableness test is an auditing procedure that examines the validity of accounting information. For example, an auditor could compare a reported ending inventory balance to the amount of storage space in a company’s warehouse, to see if the reported amount of inventory could fit in there.

What is a consistently reasonable person?

A phrase frequently used in tort and Criminal Law to denote a hypothetical person in society who exercises average care, skill, and judgment in conduct and who serves as a comparative standard for determining liability.

What does reasonability mean?

Noun. (usually uncountable, plural reasonabilities) The state or quality of being reasonable; reasonableness.

How is reasonable force defined?

Reasonable force is a term associated with defending one’s person or property from a violent attack, theft, or other type of unlawful aggression. … If one uses excessive force, or more than the force necessary for such protection, he or she may be considered to have forfeited the right to defense.

What is the definition of reasonableness?

/ˈriː.zən.ə.bəl.nəs/ the fact of being based on or using good judgment and therefore being fair and practical: The court will determine the reasonableness of the police activity. There was a sweet reasonableness in her voice.

What is the reasonableness standard?

The reasonableness standard is a test which asks whether the decisions made were legitimate and designed to remedy a certain issue under the circumstances at the time. Courts using this standard look at both the ultimate decision, and the process by which a party went about making that decision.

Is Unreasonability a word?

noun. Unreasonableness; irrationality; incapability of being apprehended by reason.

How do you determine reasonableness?

To be reasonable means to be as much as is appropriate or fair. In math, reasonableness can be defined as checking to verify that the result of the solution or the calculation of the problem is correct or not, be either estimating or by plugging in your result to check it.

What does fair and reasonable mean?

1. “Fair and Reasonable.” This is the price point for a good or service that is fair to both parties involved in the transaction. This amount is based upon the agreed-upon (via contract negotiations) conditions, promised quality and timeliness of contract performance.

What does not reasonable mean?

not reasonable or rational; acting at variance with or contrary to reason; not guided by reason or sound judgment; irrational: an unreasonable person. not in accordance with practical realities, as attitude or behavior; inappropriate: His Bohemianism was an unreasonable way of life for one so rich.

What is the reasonable means rule and when can it be used?

[methods of acceptance] What is the reasonable means rule and when can it be used? If an offer merely suggests a method or place of communication or is silent on such matters, the offeree may accept within a reasonable time by any reasonable means of communication.

What is the Graham standard?

The U.S. Supreme Court case of Graham v. Connor, 490 U.S. 386 (1989), established “Objective Reasonableness” as the standard for all applications of. force in United States.