What Does Immobilized Mean?

What is another word for immobilized?

What is another word for immobilized?disabledcrippledbecame unable to movebecame stuckimmobilisedUKdefusedsubjugatedstrippedstriptmade safe59 more rows.

Does slow count as immobilize?

Immobilize and Slow are not mutually suppressing, and are not interchangeable: that is, for the purpose of whether or not the target is Slowed, Immobilize effects do not count, and vice versa. However, the target may be both slowed and immobilized at the same time.

What injuries require a cast?

Your health care provider will choose what type of cast will be the most suitable for your injury. Casts are generally required for injuries and broken bones. A cast is like a big, tough bandage made of fiberglass or plaster that helps to keep bones, muscles, and tendons from moving and creating more injury.

What is immobilization in nitrogen cycle?

Immobilization refers to the process in which nitrate and ammonium are taken up by soil organisms and therefore become unavailable to crops. … When the microorganisms die, the organic N contained in their cells is converted by mineralization and nitrification to plant available nitrate.

What is blind LOL?

Champions with blind: Teemo Thornmail’s passive deals damage before the attack is reduced by any effect, including blind, meaning it will apply even if the attacker is blinded.

What is silence LOL?

Silence spells prevent the target player from casting abilities or activating items for a short duration.

What does fervently mean?

having or showing great warmth or intensity of spirit, feeling, enthusiasm, etc.; ardent: a fervent admirer; a fervent plea. hot; burning; glowing.

What is the difference between mineralization and immobilization?

As nouns the difference between mineralization and immobilization. is that mineralization is a form of fossilization in which the organic parts of an organism are replaced by minerals while immobilization is the act or process of preventing a thing from moving.

What does it mean when your car is immobilized?

Vehicle Immobilization is defined as the impounding, incapacitating, or immobilizing of any vehicle without the permission of the owner. Devices used to immobilize a motor vehicle include: Wheel clamps. Car boots. Any object or mechanism attached to the vehicle that does not allow movement.

What is another word for feast?

What is another word for feast?banquetspreadbuffetcarnivalclambakefestfiestagalamealmerrymaking163 more rows

What does immobilization mean?

verb (used with object), im·mo·bi·lized, im·mo·bi·liz·ing. to make immobile or immovable; fix in place. to prevent the use, activity, or movement of: The hurricane immobilized the airlines. to deprive of the capacity for mobilization: The troops were immobilized by the enemy.

What causes immobilization?

Immobilization can lead to bone resorption sufficient to cause hypercalcemia. The immobilization is usually caused by spinal cord injury or extensive casting after fractures, although it can occur in settings such as Parkinson’s disease.

What are 3 things you should not do while splinting?

Never stick items under your splint to scratch the skin. Do not use oils or lotions near your splint. If the skin becomes red or sore around the edge of the splint, you may pad the edges with a soft material, such as moleskin, or use tape to cover the edges.

What are the effects of immobilization on a child?

Immobilization causes a decreased metabolic rate with slowing of all systems and a decreased food intake. Immobilization leads to hypercalcemia and a negative nitrogen balance secondary to muscle atrophy. Decreased production of stress hormones occurs with decreased physical and emotional coping capacity.

Can you smite while silenced?

Pretty sure suppression is the only thing that stops smite. … Might sound obvious, but while knock backs don’t stop smite, they can still be useful in a smite battle if you can knock your opponent out of smite’s range.

What is another word for stuck?

What is another word for stuck?baffledbeatenperplexedpuzzledstumpedbewilderedlostmuddlednonplussedbamboozled50 more rows

What does Immobilised mean?

Verb. 1. immobilise – hold as reserve or withdraw from circulation; of capital. immobilize. withhold, keep back – hold back; refuse to hand over or share; “The father is withholding the allowance until the son cleans his room”

What happens during immobilization?

Immobilization restricts motion to allow the injured area to heal. It can help reduce pain , swelling, and muscle spasms . In some cases, splints and casts are applied after surgical procedures that repair bones, tendons, or ligaments. This allows for protection and proper alignment early in the healing process.

Why enzymes are immobilized?

An immobilized enzyme is an enzyme attached to an inert, insoluble material—such as calcium alginate (produced by reacting a mixture of sodium alginate solution and enzyme solution with calcium chloride). This can provide increased resistance to changes in conditions such as pH or temperature.

What does Traction mean?

pulling on partTraction means pulling on part of the body. Most often, traction uses devices such as weights and pulleys to put tension on a displaced bone or joint, such as a dislocated shoulder.

What’s another word for incognito?

What is another word for incognito?anonymousunnamednamelessunidentifiedinnominateuntitledunbaptizedunchristenedfacelessunknown39 more rows