Quick Answer: Why My Airtel SMS Is Not Working?

Why my Airtel number is not working?

Check if other airtel numbers are getting signal in your area.

If other airtel numbers also do not get signal there willbe issue with signal coverage.

Go to settings ->network selection -> manually select airtel.

Your sim card may have damaged, try inserting your sim card in other mobile..

How do I unblock an outgoing SMS?

Unblock a conversationOpen the Messages app .Tap Spam & blocked More. Blocked contacts.Find the contact in the list and tap Remove and then tap Unblock. Otherwise, tap Back .

Why is my Airtel SIM temporarily blocked?

1) Open message in your Android. 2) Type “STOP” and sent it to 1925. 3) Now dial “*567*10#” to take 60MB 3G data loan. 4) Done, your sim will unblock automatically within 48 hours.

Why OTP is not coming in my phone?

I can’t receive OTP from multiple apps Try inserting your Circles. Life SIM card into another handset. Once you’ve done that, request for the OTP again. If you successfully receive the OTP on a different handset, the issue could be due to an SMS blocker on your handset.

How can I activate Airtel SMS?

Enter your prepaid number in the first box and then choose ‘Your Circle Recharge’ in the option just below it. (In our case, the number belonged to Maharashtra circle). Select the ‘SMS recharge’ setting in the third row. Scroll down to check out the SMS packs.

Why am I not getting any SMS messages?

Fix problems sending or receiving messages Verify that Messages is set as your default texting app. … Make sure your carrier supports SMS, MMS, or RCS messaging. Check your plan or credit balance to see that you have enough to send/receive messages. See if you have signal.

How can I unblock Airtel SMS?

3) Remove your Airtel sim from mobile for 24 hours. 4) Again insert your Sim after 24 hours. 5) Then send message “MO” to 54321. 6) Done, Your Sim is successfully unblocked.

What to do if SMS is not going?

Setting SMSC in Default Messaging AppGo to Settings > Apps, find your stock SMS app (the one that came pre-installed on your phone).Tap it, and make sure its not disabled. If it is, enable it.Now launch the SMS app, and look for the SMSC setting. … Enter your SMSC, save it, and try to send a text message.

How can I activate my Airtel number?

How to activate new Airtel SIM, 4G Airtel Sim?You need to SMS the 20 digit SIM number from your existing Airtel connection to 121.To confirm your request, reply by typing 1.Wait for a while for the Phone to get disconnected from the network.Remove the old SIM and insert your new SIM in the slot.Switch on the Phone.More items…

What is the reason for not receiving OTP?

If you’ve just received your SIM card and are unable to receive OTPs, please allow 24 – 48 hours after sim activation for your number to be updated in the global database for OTP delivery. A common cause for this is some form of SMS blocker on your device/handset. Try inserting your Circles.

What to do if OTP is not coming in Airtel?

Phone Bank FAQ Topics If you have not received the OTP on your mobile number, the same can be pulled by sending an SMS IBOTP to 5676766 or 9215676766. You may also call our Customer Care from your registered mobile number to get the OTP. To know the local Customer Care numbers, please click here.

How can I activate SMS?

Type MBSREG and send an SMS to either 567676 or 9223440000.Make sure you send the message from the mobile number for which you want to activate the mobile services.You will now receive a User ID and MPIN (Mobile PIN) via text message.More items…•