Quick Answer: What Is Difference Between Their And There?

What is there their and they’re called?

“There,” “their,” and “they’re” are homophones.

That means they sound the same but have different meanings and spellings.

For those who are new to the English language, homophones can seem rather daunting..

Is they’re a proper term?

Their has the word heir in it, which can act as a reminder that the term indicates possession. … They’re has an apostrophe, which means it’s the product of two words: they are. If you can substitute they are into your sentence and retain the meaning, then they’re is the correct homophone to use.

How do you use they in a sentence?

They sentence examplesThey had two adopted children already. … They say she is amazingly beautiful. … They can actually talk! … Yet they honestly think there is no choice left. … They entered the house and she glanced at the dark fireplace. … “They do not belong here,” returned the Prince. … And what have they promised?More items…

Which part of speech is their?

pronoun. a form of the possessive case of plural they used as an attributive adjective, before a noun: their home;their rights as citizens;their departure for Rome.

When should you use there in a sentence?

The choice between the phrases there is and there are at the beginning of a sentence is determined by the noun that follows it. Use there is when the noun is singular (“There is a cat”). Use there are when the noun is plural (“There are two cats”).

What are the 3 types of there’s?

Their, There, They’reTheir. Their is the third person plural possessive adjective, used to describe something as belong to them. … There. There has several different uses. … They’re. They’re is the contraction of “they are” and is often followed by the present participle. … The Bottom Line.

How do you explain there and their?

There means the opposite of here; “at that place.” Their means “belongs to them.” They’re is a contraction of “they are” or “they were.”

What one word has the most letters?

ALPHABETALPHABET is the only has the most letters in it. Alphabet has all the 26 letters from A – Z. Hence, ALPHABET is one word that has the most letters in it.

How do you use here in a sentence?

Here sentence examplesAre you here again? … She didn’t come here to talk to me. … We can stop right here if you want, Carmen. … Things were getting complicated here and the mountains were calling. … He has been here about an hour. … “I really believe they are all here,” said one.More items…

What is the difference between there and here?

The word ‘here’ is used to describe things that are in the immediate space around the speaker, and sometimes by extension, their conversation partner. … The word ‘there’ is the opposite of ‘here’ and is used to describe spaces away from the speaker.

What is your definition?

adjective. The definition of your is belonging to you. An example of your is a book that belongs to you. YourDictionary definition and usage example.

Where we use their and there?

Their is the possessive pronoun, as in “their car is red”; there is used as an adjective, “he is always there for me,” a noun, “get away from there,” and, chiefly, an adverb, “stop right there”; they’re is a contraction of “they are,” as in “they’re getting married.”

Is it there you go or their you go?

(informal, idiomatic) You have done it, or are doing it, correctly. (informal, idiomatic) Used while giving someone something. …

How do you teach the difference between there and their?

Lesson Summary ‘There’ is an adverb that refers to a location, as in ‘over there’. ‘Their’ is a possessive pronoun that takes the place of a plural noun and shows possession, as in ‘their house’.