Quick Answer: Is NC 17 Worse Than R?

Is NC 17 worse than Ma?

R is under MPAA ratings system and used for USA theatrical and direct-to-DVD films.

R and TV-MA are about equivalent ratings content-wise.

Unrated editions of movies that had a rated theatrical version is usually one rating worse (PG-13 becomes R, R becomes NC-17)..

What is the highest grossing NC 17 movie?

Twenty-five films have been released with an NC-17 since, the vast majority of them receiving the rating due to sexual content. Of them, only 12 have grossed over $1 million, and only two – “Henry & June” and “Showgirls,” the latter of which is far and away the highest grossing NC-17 film – grossing over $10 million.

What is the most sexually graphic movie of all time?

These Are the Most Sexually Provocative Movies of All TimeMichael Ochs Archives/Getty Images. Last Tango in Paris (1972) … Warner Bros. Risky Business (1983) … MGM. 9 1/ 2 Weeks (1986) … Universal. Henry & June (1990) … TriStar Pictures. Basic Instinct (1992) … New Line Cinema. Boogie Nights (1997) … Archive Photos/Getty Images. Eyes Wide Shut (1999) … IFC Films. Y Tu Mama También (2001)More items…•

Why did MPAA create an NC 17 rating?

Films that got an X rating from the MPAA will be switched to NC-17 at the request of the film’s owner. … The announcement marks a significant about-face by the MPAA. Its president, Jack Valenti, had maintained during months of complaints that the procedure worked.

Can 17 year olds watch TV Ma?

It depends on what you are watching on. If you are watching on basic-cable channels (i.e. ABC, CBS, AMC), then programs rated TV-MA are mostly made for 17-year-olds. … If you are watching on basic-cable channels (i.e. ABC, CBS, AMC), then programs rated TV-MA are mostly made for 17-year-olds.

How old do you have to be to watch TV Ma?

17TV-MA. This program is specifically designed to be viewed by adults and therefore may be unsuitable for children under 17. Contains content that is unsuitable for children.

Is NC 17 still used?

In a third city, Evanston, Illinois, the Cinemark Century 12 announced it would make an exception to the parent chain’s across-the-board ban of NC-17 films and would book Blue. … Even for a movie whose target audience expects to see explicit sex, the NC-17 is still an iffy commercial prospect, at best.

Why is NC 17 rating bad?

CORNISH: Oh, and he’s sadistic, and there are some graphic violent and sexual content. So the movie won an NC-17 rating. That means no one 17 or under will be admitted into a theater showing “Killer Joe,” and it means some theater chains won’t even play the film.

Why are there no NC 17 movies?

But the biggest reason is that it’s usually a bad business decision to dedicate an auditorium to a movie with such a diminished audience potential. That’s also why the major studios will re-edit a film while it is going through the MPAA rating process so that it will not get the dreaded NC-17 rating.

Is TV MA worse than rated R?

TV-MA is a more severe rating than R. TV-MA is the equivalent of NC-17 in the US. Note that R and MA are used by two different groups. The MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) uses a rating system that you can review here where R is the second most severe, coming up behind NC-17.

How does a movie get an NC 17 rating?

Some films are released without an MPAA rating because the filmmaker expects an NC-17. Changes in ratings are due to resubmission or appeal by a film’s producers. Films receiving an NC-17 are often cut and resubmitted in hopes of earning an R rating, which allows distribution to more outlets than an NC-17 rating.