Quick Answer: How Do I Check My Vodacom Contract?

Can I upgrade my Vodacom contract early?

While Vodacom contracts last for 24 months most time, there is a privilege for any subscriber who wishes to step-up or renew his or her plan to do so from the 22nd month before the due Vodacom upgrade date.

This contract renewal before the contractual due date is called Vodacom early upgrade..

How do I know when my phone is due for an upgrade?

There are a few ways to check if your phone is eligible for an upgrade. You can call #874 from your iPhone, and you’ll get a text message back, letting you know when you’re eligible to get a shiny new phone.

How do I check when my Vodacom contract expires?

Did you know you can check your Upgrade Status by sending UG to 31050 *Free SMS*

How do I check my Vodacom contract account?

Simply dial *136# and your balance will be presented to you or dial *135# for your detailed balance and follow the prompts to find the information you’re looking for. For more help and advice, go to Vodacom Help me.

How do I find out when my contract ends?

You can check your contract status by asking your provider – over the phone or livechat – or by logging into your account online. You may also be able to find your contract end date via your provider’s app (if you have downloaded it), by checking a bill, or looking through correspondence with your provider.

How do I pay my Vodacom contract?

You can pay at any branch of Standard Bank, ABSA, FNB or Nedbank. Simply go to the counter. Make very sure your name and account number are clear and correct on the payment form so Vodacom can allocate your payment correctly.

What is my Vodacom number?

Simply dial *135*501# on your phone and your number will be displayed on screen.

How do I check my Vodacom WIFI balance?

Download the My Vodacom App. Search for it in your app store OR dial *135*277# and follow the link in the SMS you receive.

How do I check my Vodacom price plan?

Your price plan information will be shown here. Visit vodacom.co.za on your web browser. Click “log in” at the top right of the page and enter your credentials. A summary balances page will be shown.

Why is Vodacom so expensive?

Vodacom charges more than Telkom for mobile data because it offers a superior service, according to Vodacom CEO Shameel Joosub. Despite the price cuts, Vodacom’s data prices will still be higher than the mobile data products offered by Telkom. …

Can you upgrade before your contract ends?

Some networks allow you to upgrade before your contract ends. We can only process early upgrades over the phone or in-store. … We have a great range of SIM free and Pay as you go phones. If you buy a new phone, you’ll be able to use your existing SIM until it’s time for your upgrade.

When can I upgrade my Vodacom contract?

Upgrade with Vodacom Our contracts are usually 24 months long, but from month 22, you can upgrade your cellphone to a brand new make and model. Once you’ve chosen your deal online, simply check-out in two easy steps and get FREE next-day delivery to your door!

How do I check my Vodacom account online?

Access your vodacom profile online and self-service anywhere!Vodacom Website. Log in to My Vodacom to: – Manage your account. … My Vodacom App. Download the My Vodacom App from your app store. View important account information even before you log in. … USSD Self-service. Dial *135# from your Vodacom cellphone to:

How much left on my phone contract?

Go to ‘My product and services’ and then click ‘My plan’. It will tell you when your contract ends. The final way is to call 191 and ask customer service, or to check your bill or welcome email on which your contract’s start date will appear.

How much is a call per minute on Vodacom?

The rate of R0. 79 (seventy nine cents) per minute is offered on voice calls to any network at any time, and calls will be billed per second….Terms and Conditions.Local call rate (any network, any time)R0.79 per minute (billed per second)MMS (300KB or less)R0.80 per MMSInternational SMSR 1.74/SMS all day2 more rows

Can Vodacom increase my contract price?

“With effect from the 1st April 2019, your monthly subscription and certain value added services will be increasing,” said Vodacom. … “We have ensured that the price increase is below inflation in order to ensure our customers stay connected at the best value.”

What happens when my phone contract runs out?

However, once a contract ends, you’ve paid for your phone – so if you simply continue to pay the same amount you are overpaying! That’s because even when you don’t choose to upgrade your handset, most network providers will keep charging you for the same bundle you originally agreed to.

What happens at end of EE contract?

If you want to cancel your contract and switch providers at the end of your plan, you’ll need to request a PAC from us to give to your new provider. If you do nothing you’ll move on to a 30-day rolling plan and pay the same as you’re paying now. Alternatively, you can upgrade or move onto a SIM Only plan.