Quick Answer: Can You Name Your Child After Yourself?

What is it called when a mother named her daughter after her?

But there you go: Achilles’s father was a mere mortal king, Peleus.

A daughter named after her mother is fairly unusual, and a daughter whose naming is proclaimed with the title “Junior” or “II” betokens a woman—perhaps two women—of unusual stature.

Consider a few modern examples: 1.

Anna Eleanor Roosevelt Jr..

Can a female be a Jr?

Women can also have the suffixes Jr. or II, but it’s not as common, most likely because women historically took a new last name when they got married, negating the Jr. or II distinction.

Can I name my son Junior?

You could name a kid Junior, but Junior usually refers to the first son named exactly after the father. After that, the second son in the line, would be “III” (the third) and the roman numerals would continue as long as the tradition. If you were naming your kids “Junior” the same could apply. Junior Smith Jr.

Is it narcissistic to name your child after yourself?

CMV: Naming your child after yourself is narcissistic and should be discouraged. … You’re not naming your child after a relative, friend, or inspiration. You’re naming him after yourself – you’re saying that you are worthy of being emulated.

Can mothers name their daughters after themselves?

Women are less likely to name their daughters after themselves—but these three moms are changing that baby name tradition.

Can I name my son the second?

The terms Jr. and II can both be correctly used if a child’s first, middle, and last names are identical to his or her parent’s (current) names. … Jr. or II can be used when being named after the father, however they are both pronounced differently; Jr. is pronounced as junior and II is pronounced as the second.

What is the female version of JR?

‘Junior’ is actually genderless, and simply means ‘younger’. It’s not common to use for females, but it can (and has been) used on occasion.

Does Jr need same middle name?

From Behind the Name: “Junior is used to distinguish a son with the same name as his father. … The Junior must be a son of the father, not a grandson. The names must be exactly the same, including the middle name.

What is it called when you name your child after yourself?

First, a little backstory: The tradition of giving a child the name of his parent—technically known as a “patronym”—goes back several centuries, when a child (usually a first son) was named after a parent (usually a dad) as a symbol of familial fealty.

Why do parents name their kid after themselves?

Originally Answered: Why do some people name their kid(s) after themselves? … Someone to carry on the name, particularly if the name has been in the family for a while or is unique in some way. For a few it’s a show of claiming the child or a need to feel self important by having something named after them.

What is the fourth son name?

10 Answers Since someone’s mother has four sons, North, West, and South, the name of the fourth son is someone. The correct answer is ‘someone’. The question is a common riddle based on the mathematical topic called ‘sequences’.

Is it OK to name your second son JR?

Unequivocably, yes – to the question of whether a junior can be the second, third, or fourth son. The “junior” in the family is whichever boy is given the same name as his father. Although it is commonly the firstborn son, it is not always the first, and it is just as valid if it is the tenth son.