Quick Answer: Can Sprint Customers Get T Mobile Tuesday?

Can Sprint customers use T Mobile Tuesday?

Sprint customers are getting T-Mobile’s perks.

Sprint users will soon be able to take advantage of T-Mobile Tuesdays.

Sprint customers simply need to download the T-Mobile Tuesdays app from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store and register their number beginning on Tuesday, June 23..

What will happen when Sprint and T Mobile merge?

After years of negotiations and legal battles, Sprint and T-Mobile have finally completed their merger into a single carrier. … Sprint customers will still use a separate Sprint network, while existing T-Mobile customers will still use T-Mobile’s.

Is Sprint the worst carrier?

Sprint’s had a rocky few years. The carrier has the smallest network of any of the “big four” nationwide carriers, and thanks to T-Mobile’s Uncarrier strategy, its status as the number-one cheap cell company is under threat.

Is T Mobile Tuesday rigged?

@TMobile TMobile Tuesdays is RIGGED for someone with ties to ChaddsFord, PA! … According to T-Mo, more safety measures have been put in, and the issue will continue to be monitored. Hopefully this means that more of the money will be going to actual customers now.

What does T Mobile merger mean for Sprint customers?

What the T-Mobile and Sprint Merger Means for You. … T-Mobile successfully acquired Sprint as of April 1, becoming one company and effectively bringing the total number of major US cell carriers from four down to three.

Is Sprint a good service?

Sprint’s Coverage: The Good and the Bad While they do have the worst coverage in the country, Sprint offers some of the most competitive prices of the major carriers. The Good: … Sprint plans are perk heavy and relatively low in price (compared to the other major carriers)

Who has the best cell phone coverage?

Verizon has the best cell phone coverage in the country (70%), followed by AT&T (68%), and T-Mobile (62%). Verizon boasts great cell phone plans and customer service, while AT&T is a good choice for its included perks (like free streaming subscriptions) and international privileges.

Will Sprint customers become T Mobile?

For now, all customers will stay with the same Sprint and T-Mobile network and service they’ve been using. Sprint customers can now visit a T-Mobile store for service; most T-Mobile branded stores can now serve both Sprint and T-Mobile customers.

Is Sprint better than Tmobile?

T-Mobile does more with its unlimited data options. There’s really no competition when it comes to LTE data speeds between Sprint and T-Mobile. … For now, it’s safe to say that T-Mobile offers faster data speeds than Sprint.

What do you get free with TMobile?

Freebies and discounts. This is where the rational part of my brain shuts down, because free donuts?! … Free Netflix. If you’ve got two T-Mobile One lines, you’ll get Netflix for free. … Free Gogo. I love in-flight Wi-Fi, but I hate paying for it. … Free international action. … Unlimited streaming. … Vegas, baby! … What price free?

How do you get T Mobile Tuesday?

To get your gifts and for your chance to win prizes, make sure you open the T-Mobile Tuesdays app every week at some point between Tuesday at 5 a.m. ET to Wednesday 4:59:59 a.m. ET. In the app, go through the list of gifts available and make sure you tap SAVE for the ones you want.

Why is the T Mobile Sprint merger bad?

It’s a lesson America simply refuses to learn. A federal judge has ruled in favor of T-Mobile’s $26 billion merger with Sprint, despite ample historical evidence showing the deal will likely erode competition, raise U.S. wireless data prices, and result in significant layoffs as redundant jobs are eliminated.

Does Sprint and Tmobile use the same towers?

Today every device works the same as it has on the network it’s currently using. For now, customers will use two distinct networks, Sprint and T-Mobile. Many newer Sprint devices will be compatible with elements of the T-Mobile Network, and Metro currently has access to the T-Mobile Network.

How does TMobile Tuesday work?

Every Tuesday, the carrier will send you a notification of the newest bargains available in the app. You’ll see weekly deals, sweepstakes offers and even some deals that are not available until the following week. The T-Mobile Tuesdays app typically features deals across three time periods: Every week deals.

Can Sprint iPhones be used on T Mobile?

The iPhone 5c, 5s, and newer iPhones from other US carriers and Apple stores are compatible with the T-Mobile 2G/3G/4G/LTE networks. … Sprint iPhones may be difficult to unlock and may not work on T-Mobile’s network. Be sure to contact Sprint before purchasing or porting Sprint iPhones.

What does merger mean for Sprint customers?

Sprint and T-Mobile are merging—finally. … Your phone will still work, your plan won’t change, and you can go to the same stores for service. Rather than a quick cutoff, you’re going to see a slow switch with lots of opportunities to change trains.