Quick Answer: Are Bank Of Ireland 20 Pound Notes Still Legal Tender?

Will banks change Irish notes?

The Northern Ireland note issuing banks will continue to accept old paper based notes and there are currently no plans to change this.” Meanwhile First Trust Bank confirmed in February that they will cease their own note issuance by June 30 2020 and will instead dispense Bank of England banknotes..

Why is Medusa on Bank of Ireland notes?

They are actually not Medusa heads—catalogues that state that the are Medusa heads are mistaken—they are Mercury heads. Mercury was the Roman God of financial gain and commerce among other things. The bank also used the head of Mercury on the reverse of its 1922 issue, and on its early Northern Ireland issue.

Which 20 pound notes are out of circulation?

On 20 February 2020 we issued a new polymer £20 note. You will still be able to use the paper £20 note until we withdraw it from circulation. We will announce the withdrawal date after we have issued our new polymer £20 note.

Are old 20 pound notes still usable?

Yes, you can still use the old £20 notes as they are accepted as legal tender. The Bank of England has yet to confirm when the old £20 notes expire, although its website states people will be given six months’ notice of its withdrawal. The website reads: ‘On 20 February 2020 we issued a new polymer £20 note.

Where can I change old bank notes?

If you want to swap the old notes over for new tender you will have to make the trip to a bank, building society or Post Office. You will need to be an account holder with the bank for them to exchange the note. You can use your local Post Office to deposit the old tenners into your bank account too.

Is 50 pound note still valid?

The notes can be used until the end of 30 April. Retailers and some banks can refuse to accept the note after that date. … The note went into circulation in November 2011. Anyone who has an old £50 note – which was first issued in April 1994 – can exchange it at any bank, or spend it, by the end of April.

Are Bank of Ireland notes going out of circulation?

Bank of Ireland has introduced polymer £5 and £10 banknotes. This will be followed by a £20 polymer banknote in 2020. Read more on Bank of Ireland’s polymer banknotes . Ulster Bank, Danske Bank and Bank of Ireland paper £5 and £10 banknotes were withdrawn from circulation on 30 September 2019.

Who is on the new 50 pound note?

Alan TuringThe new £50 note will celebrate Alan Turing and his pioneering work with computers.

Bank of Ireland, Danske Bank and Ulster Bank have agreed they will exchange their own paper £5 and £10 notes from non-customers up to the value of £250. … “The Northern Ireland note issuing banks will continue to accept old paper-based notes and there are currently no plans to change this.”

Can we exchange old notes now?

But old bank notes retain their value for all time, so while you can no longer spend them on the high street, you can return them to the Bank of England, or most major banks if you’re a customer, and get a new polymer banknote in exchange.

Where can I change old 50 notes?

If you have an old £50 note that is no longer in circulation, you can exchange it for a new one with the Bank of England. For those who live in London, you can exchange your old notes with the cashier in person at Threadneedle Street.

What is on the new 20 note?

The current polymer note, first issued on 20 February 2020, bears the image of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse and the image of painter J. M. W. Turner on the reverse. It replaced the cotton paper note featuring a portrait of economist Adam Smith, first issued in 2007.

Will banks still take old notes?

But banks don’t legally have to keep accepting old money, so it’s worth checking with yours before you head to a branch. … The Post Office may also accept withdrawn notes as payment for goods and services, or as a deposit into any bank account you can access with them.

There are two banks in Northern Ireland which issue bank notes and, although this cash is in sterling, it is not actually legal tender in England. Many retailers will still accept them but they are under no obligation to do so, according to the Bank of England.

How long can I use old 20 pound notes?

When do the old £20 notes expire? Paper £20 notes can continue to be used as normal for now, as an end date for their use is yet to be announced. According to the Bank of England, it plans to give six months’ notice before the paper £20 is taken out of use.