Question: What Is A List In SharePoint?

What is the difference between site and subsite in SharePoint?

The short answer is that there is no difference between a SharePoint site and a SharePoint subsite.

They are the same thing.

The only site that is a true site and not a subsite is the very top site of the site collection since it does not appear under any other sites.


Is a SharePoint list a database?

Yes, SharePoint sits on top of SQL Server, which is a relational database management system, but SharePoint itself is not a database. SharePoint looks similar to a relational database, as it uses lists with columns and data types to store data, exactly like SQL Server.

What is the best way to use SharePoint?

5 Top Tips on Using SharePoint Effectively in Your CompanyEnsure your documents can be found. … Learn to use SharePoint alerts. … Create lists in Excel and import into SharePoint. … Focus on training to encourage SharePoint adoption. … Look into SharePoint Add-Ins.

What is the difference between a SharePoint list and library?

A SharePoint List is essentially a web part that holds/stores content in SharePoint and is represented via table format (rows and columns). A SharePoint Document Library is a “special list” for documents.

How do I customize a list in SharePoint online?

Edit a view If so, see Edit a list view in SharePoint Server. , select Site Contents, and then open the list. Once you see your list, you can modify the view by adjusting it as follows: To add a column, select the header of any existing column, and from the dropdown menu, select Column Settings > Add a Column.

What are SharePoint templates?

The template is then published to SharePoint forms libraries for use. The form library gives you a place to publish forms; using InfoPath Forms Services, users can work with forms in a browser without needing the InfoPath client application. If a user does have InfoPath installed, the form opens in the client.

How do I automatically save emails from Outlook to SharePoint?

Automatically upload emails to SharePoint using Outlook Rules or drop folders connected to your favorites….Follow one of these methods:Drag-and-drop the message to SharePoint.Use the Save Message button from the ribbon button.Right-click the message and select Save Message.

How do I create a list in SharePoint?

Create a listGo to the SharePoint site where you want to create a list. … On the Site contents page, select New > List. … From the Create a list page, select one of the following options: … When your list opens, to add room for more types of information to the list, select + or + Add column.

How do I view SharePoint lists?

On the Settings page, choose a view type. For information on each type, see Types of views you can choose below. In the View Name box, type the name for your view. Select Make this the default view if you want to make this the default view for the list or library.

Can you create a form in SharePoint?

When you add a modern page to a site, you add and customize web parts, such as Microsoft Forms, which are the building blocks of your page. With the Microsoft Forms web part, you can add a form or form results to your SharePoint in Microsoft 365 page. … Click + to see a list of web parts to choose from.

What are libraries in SharePoint?

A library is a location on a site where you can upload, create, update, and collaborate on files with team members. Each library displays a list of files and key information about the files, such as who was the last person to modify a file.

What is replacing InfoPath in SharePoint?

PowerApps. The “anointed” replacement for InfoPath is of course PowerApps. PowerApps is a business apps tool that integrates directly with SharePoint Lists in SharePoint Online. It has powerful capabilities like InfoPath and you can even do things like repeating content with it.

What are SharePoint lists in Outlook?

The SharePoint list is added to the Outlook Tasks as a separate tasks folder, and you can work with the tasks while off-line. When you are connected to SharePoint again, the tasks will be synchronized.

How do I create a custom list?

Create your own custom list. Select all of the cells in that list, and then click File > Options > Advanced. Scroll way down to the General section and click Edit Custom Lists… In the Custom Lists box, click Import.

How do I create a list in SharePoint 2016?

Create a list in SharePoint Server 2016 or SharePoint Server 2013Select Settings. , and then select Add an app.Enter the type of list template you want (custom, task, calendar, and so on) into the search box, and select Search .Select the List template app you want use.Enter a Name (required). … Select OK.