Question: Is Acer A Good Brand?

Is Acer made by Dell?

Compal Electronics Inc, based in Taipei, Taiwan, designs and manufacturers laptops for Dell, Toshiba, HP (Hewlett-Packard) and Acer.

They currently manufacture 45% of all Acer’s shipped laptops.

50% of Dell’s outsourced notebooks come from Compal..

What laptops are not made in China?

Here is a list of non-Chinese companies that make laptops….There are several other brands that are non-Chinese. The list is as follows:Micromax (India)Samsung (South Korea)Toshiba (Japan)Fujitsu (Japan)Microsoft (United States)Panasonic (Japan)Sharp (Japan)LG – Gram (South Korea)

Which is best laptop brand in world?

#Here is the top 10 laptop brands in the world 2020 including company rankingRankBrand NameBrand Country01AppleUnited States02HPUnited States03AsusTaiwan04DellUnited State6 more rows

Why are Acer laptops so cheap?

You do see Acer laptops or desktops in offices, but they will usually represent only a minority overall. Thus, their support model is different and cheaper, directed mostly towards consumers and not businesses. Their parts are also not designed for stressful situations which include shocks or falls.

Is Acer a reliable brand?

Acer is a great brand and company that is always reinventing itself. The product lines are very broad and have great products in every price category. Of course you can only expect good quality for what you pay. But if you are buying an Acer Laptop you can be sure that you get a lot for the money you are spending.

Which is better HP or Acer?

Even the budget line offer you great power and performance. And while Acer offers a good choice in this area, HP tips the scale. In HP’s budget range you will usually find a more powerful battery and more efficient processor, when compared to Acer. If you want great customer service then again you need to choose HP.

Is Acer laptop worth buying?

Acer Aspire is a decent laptop on a budget. Very good battery backup, if You travel a lot then go for it. Most of the laptops have got a Full HD display. However, one or two models have dim light but that works for me.

Is Acer the worst laptop?

TechRepublic recently polled its audience of IT professionals about which vendors make the best and worst laptops. One thing was nearly unanimous: Acer makes the worst. See the results. TechRepublic recently polled its audience of IT pros about which vendors make the best and worst laptops.

Do Acer laptops last long?

On an average, a laptop should last for about 5–6 years of moderate usage. ‘It depends’ is the most straightforward and short answer. … Mine is one that belongs to the ‘Acer Aspire E’ series of laptops that I purchased new in early 2017.

Is Acer a good brand 2020?

All in all, Acer is a decent laptop brand and we highly recommend it to users on extremely low budget.

Is Acer Chinese company?

(/ˈeɪsər/ AY-sər; Chinese: 宏碁股份有限公司; pinyin: Hóngqí Gǔfèn Yǒuxiàn Gōngsī, lit. Hongqi Corporation Ltd.) is a Taiwanese multinational hardware and electronics corporation specializing in advanced electronics technology, headquartered in Xizhi, New Taipei City.

Is Acer better than Dell?

The best laptop from above two options would be Acer. Acer Laptops are better than Dell Laptop (in my opinion) Acer laptops have high processing speed and are mostly compatible with any OS. Also Acer have HDMI input whereas Dell does not have one.