How Do You Melt Zora’S Domain In Ocarina Of Time?

Why is Zora’s Domain still frozen?

Zora’s Domain being frozen is being caused by Morpha.

Not only that, but the ice will never be able to melt until he/she/it is defeated.

A massive amount of ice in a cave will take a long time to melt..

How do you get blue fire in Ocarina of Time?

Blue Fire can be found in the Ice Cavern and Ganon’s Castle in Ocarina of Time. It can also be bought at the Medicine Shop for 300 Rupees. In Master Quest, it can also be found in the Gerudo’s Training Ground. Blue Fire is used to melt Red Ice.

How do I move the Zora King?

In the zora domain go to the zora waterfall to play the rupee game to get the silver scale. Then go to the under water tunnel that leads to lake hylia. When u get there u should be able to see a bottle underwater. Grab that bottle read the note and show it to the zora king.

Where is Zora’s Domain in Zelda?

The best way to get to Zora’s Domain and explore the region of Lanaryu for the first time is to head through the other side of Kakariko Village going west. From there, you’ll see wetlands to the north. You need to get to the opposite corner in the north east, just north of the tower, to find the Domain.

How do you light the torches in Zora’s Domain?

You can press B to swing your sword (and but your Deku Stick away) and then relight it near one of the torches along the pathway if needed. Just note that the torches do not stay lit for long.

Where is King Zora’s daughter?

When Link first meets King Zora, he is worried about his daughter and wants to know her whereabouts. It is at this point where Link has to bring him a bottle found in Lake Hylia, which contains a note from King Zora’s daughter, Princess Ruto.

How do you unfreeze Zora domain in Ocarina of Time?

Go back to Zora’s Domain and use Blue Fire to unfreeze King Zora. He will reward you with the Zora Tunic, which allows you to remain underwater indefinately while wearing the Iron Boots. If you still have some Blue Fire, you can use it to unfreeze the entrance to the Zora Shop.

What do I do in Zora’s Domain in Ocarina of Time?

After going through Zora’s River and opening the waterfall with Zelda’s Lullaby, you reach Zora’s Domain.Get the Silver Scale.Get a Piece of Heart.Get Ruto’s Letter.Get a Gold Skulltula.Teach the Scarecrows a Song.Get a Piece of Heart.Get a Gold Skulltula.Catch a Fish in a Bottle.More items…•

How do I get to Zora’s Domain in Twilight Princess?

To reach Zora’s Domain as Hylian Link, head to Northern Hyrule Field (the section north of Castle Town). At the far northern end of this area are several mountain paths. At the furthest point north there is a boulder you can destroy to reveal a cave leading to Zora’s Domain.

Where is the blue flame in Zelda?

How to get the blue flame to Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. Grab the torch by the front door and glide off the cliff to the waypoint on the map, which takes you just north of the village. At the blue flame furnace there, light your torch.

How do you melt Zora’s Domain?

To open it you have to warp a molten rock that fell from the volcano on Death Mountain. Warp it back to Zoras Domain and it will automatically fall and melt the ice.

How do you break the ice in Twilight Princess?

AnswersYou dont melt the ice, you BREAK it. Wait until you find the dungeon item and you will be able to continue. … You have to get the Ball and Chain from Darkhammer (the midboss) User Info: coasterboy21. … You have to get the Item from the Dungeon the Ball And Chain and break it then Push it. User Info: Mcpixel97.

How do I hold more money in Ocarina of Time?

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Link can obtain the Adult’s Wallet, which can hold 200 Rupees, by killing 10 Gold Skulltulas. Link can also obtain the larger Giant’s Wallet by killing 30 Gold Skulltulas. This can carry a maximum of 500 Rupees, which is also the maximum amount allowed in the game.

How do you get rid of the ice in the divine beast?

Vah Ruta hurls ice blocks your way. Equip cryonis, center the blocks in your reticle and press L to shatter them. Destroy all of the ice blocks on once side, and Sydon will swim close to the giant mechanical elephant. Press A when you’re near a waterfall, and you can fly up it (using Zora’s Armor, of course).

How do I get the blue tunic in Ocarina of Time?

for anyone that wants the answer to this, go to Kakariko village and then into the shop near the entrance to Death Mountain. buy the ‘blue fire’, yes it is really expensive. go to Zora’s domain and right to the top and un-frease the fat-frog-Zora-king-person-thing and he will give you the blue tunic.